Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wine Tasting Area

One of the activity spaces in the club is the wine tasting area. The wine area is located at one of the entrances before the banquet hall. It can be used for smaller events and as a cocktail hour before a larger event in the banquet hall. The area can be used not only for wine tasting, but also for luncheons. It is also located close to the conference area. If there was an all day event in the conference room, they could easily access the wine area and set up lunch.

Some inspiration photos...

Here is a rough sketch of what the area will look like. The back wall has different wines which can be dispensed in small amounts for tasting. On either side of the bar are wine racks where the bottles can be stored. And cocktail tables are set up for more space for socializing and seating. 

Also, here are some selections that will be used in the space:

Small Dining Tables


Cocktail Tables

Lighting Fixture Option

Lighting Fixture Option

Please share your thoughts and ideas via comments!! I appreciate any and all feedback!


  1. Great inspiration and great lighting! I really think the client will enjoy the extra of a wine bar. I can see some amazing events taking place here.