Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BLACK and Kicking!

When you think of the color black what comes to mind? Halloween, Darkness, Horror? Well, think again! Black can play a crucial role in interiors, while creating the ultimate look! Black can be the solution to your concept or it can play as an accent to a space. Here are some wonderful photos of how black creates unique and lovely spaces:

Black in Living Rooms:

The above photo is a modern approach to a living room. The color black is more prominent than the white in this case. The black on the walls, the floors and some on the rug and chairs plays on the contemporary aspect of the space.

This photo has more white than black and it creates more of a warm, country home feel. There is just enough black to create a crisp clean look. Stripes of black and white on the rug and pillows tie the space together.

Intimate Spaces:

As shown in the above photographs, black can also play key roles in intimate spaces. In the first photo the attention is drawn to the walls. The black walls is the first thing that catches your eye. With a lot of white in the space, the black warms the space. Black does not always have to equal cold, a good example of that is the second photo. The space looks very calming and the hint of yellow from the chair creates some form of excitement.

Eating/Meeting Spaces:

This space looks a little colder compared to the other photos shown. The hint of white and yellow help, but I think if there was more variation of color or more of one color the space would look more inviting. 

I have to say I absolutely love this outdoor space! I think it embodies just the right amount of black while keeping it fresh and natural. Keeping it bright and colorful with a hint of black is important in an outdoor space. The space needs to be comfortable and inviting, I think this space is a great example of that!

This kitchen has more of a black undertone. It looks a little more grey in the photo, which isn't a bad thing! The black table and dark paint go perfectly with the bright yellow backsplash and chair. The white cabinets and stainless steel hardware create a modern and exciting kitchen. I would LOVE this kitchen in my apartment! Wouldn't you?

So, have I changed you mind on the color black? I think with a few great examples you can see how the color can transform any space into something great and give it new life!  Try using black paint or a black fabric with a pop of color from a rug or a chair in your next project!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Branding Yourself

Marketing yourself is very important in today's world. In my professional practice class on Thursday we had an entire lecture on the topic of marketing yourselves and your businesses. There are many ways to accomplish this. Here are a few ways to get yourself or your business known:
  • Create a logo
  • Create a website
  • Start a blog
  • Create a facebook or Twitter
  • Advertisements
  • Networking
  • Press
Here are some examples of good logos:

The key to creating an efficient logo is to keep it simple. All of the above logos are fairly simple and only include a few colors. There is nothing with a crazy busy background or unnecessary text. I think they are all effective.

Hopefully these ideas will help you create a logo for yourself! Be creative!