Sunday, February 26, 2012

Circulation Path

I began working on some circulation paths for my project over the past week. I focused on the area between the private, family, and adult dining areas. As shown below, there is a long hallway on the side of the dining areas. To help the members not feel like the long hallway is so monotonous,  I wanted to add some booth seating. The hallway is also the area where the members will wait to be seated, so the booths are there to serve that purpose. 

Here is the plan view of where the booths will be located in the clubhouse. The area shown on the left is the private dining and the area in the center is family dining. The booths are highlighted in yellow.

Here are some sketches of what the booth will look like in section:

Going with my concept of "A Modern Tradition," I wanted to create both a modern and traditional look. The booth is a semi-circle and will be upholstered with a blue vinyl and tufted. The lighting is a modern pendant fixture and the columns on the ends of the booth create some tradition. On either side of the booth, there are archways that lead into booth the family and adult areas. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Inspiration

I was looking for some FF&E for my project when I came across this fabric:

The fabric has inspired me to base my color palette for the entry of the clubhouse from its colors. The soft, very natural feeling colors will provide a sense of comfort and calmness when the members enter the club.

  SW 7040 Smokehouse

SW 6197 Aloof Gray
SW 7031 Mega Greige

  SW 6206 Oyster Bay

Since the color palette is somewhat traditional, I wanted to mix it up in a modern way with some unique lighting. Here is what I am thinking...


These modern globe pendants could be grouped together at different heights creating a beautiful chandelier. With my concept being "A Modern Tradition" I think this lighting idea paired with the more traditional color palette would be a perfect match!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Some Partis...

The past few weeks in studio we have been working on layout and block plans. Here are some partis that I have done to help get an idea of where every space will be located. The pink color represents paths, the yellow represents centers (areas of common meeting space) and the blue represents districts (areas of office space). The circulation in the building is pretty tough to manipulate considering there is not much that can be done because of the narrowness of the building. However, I think it will flow nicely!

The above parti focuses primarily on the circulation paths.The majority of the clubhouse is made up of centers, including dining spaces, tavern/bar area, wine tasting area, and a game room. I wanted to create clear and easy circulation paths for the members of the club to access all of the amenities that are provided with ease.

In this parti, I placed the centers in the wider ends of the building. The circulation is a bit different that the first parti because of the placement of the districts and centers. With the circulation paths being in the center on the right side of the building, it will create similar smaller areas on either side of the paths. This could be a potential problem.

This last parti is pretty similar to the first one. The circulation on the bottom extension of the building was meant to hug the inside of the space. I am planning on creating a elaborate courtyard and outdoor patio seating so the the view to the courtyard while getting around the club will be nice. Also, the districts (in blue) are along the inside as well. I think the employees will be able to have a nice view while they work.

Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations, they are appreciated!