Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer time is almost here!

Is the rain outside getting a bit old?? I know it is to me!! But do not worry, the month of April is officially over and now it is time for May flowers! I only have one more week of school (which is exciting but also stressful!) and I could not be more ready for summer! 

Summer should be a time to relax...

It can be at the lake:

Or the beach:

Or in your most comfortable chair!:

I just love summer, it has to be one of my favorite seasons!! Summer can also be an inspiration for interiors and clothing! Here are some photos I found (and LOVE) that show off some summertime inspiration!!

This living space looks like it belongs on the beach somewhere! It embraces the idea of summer!

This above photo screams SUMMER! With its pastel color chairs and artwork, the space is lovely for summertime!

Here is an example where an outfit inspired a space. I think they go hand in hand. I love both!

 I hope you now love summer just as much as I do! If not, I hope these photos have inspired you to plan a relaxing trip or create your own summer interiors project!! Happy Summer!!