Sunday, February 26, 2012

Circulation Path

I began working on some circulation paths for my project over the past week. I focused on the area between the private, family, and adult dining areas. As shown below, there is a long hallway on the side of the dining areas. To help the members not feel like the long hallway is so monotonous,  I wanted to add some booth seating. The hallway is also the area where the members will wait to be seated, so the booths are there to serve that purpose. 

Here is the plan view of where the booths will be located in the clubhouse. The area shown on the left is the private dining and the area in the center is family dining. The booths are highlighted in yellow.

Here are some sketches of what the booth will look like in section:

Going with my concept of "A Modern Tradition," I wanted to create both a modern and traditional look. The booth is a semi-circle and will be upholstered with a blue vinyl and tufted. The lighting is a modern pendant fixture and the columns on the ends of the booth create some tradition. On either side of the booth, there are archways that lead into booth the family and adult areas. 

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