Friday, March 30, 2012

Section Of The Family Dining Space

In my last post I shared with you a product that I am using in the family dining area! Here is an image of what the tile will look like behind the booths:

Along with the tile here are some of the other furniture and lighting that is used:

The use of drum lighting like this one above creates enough light for those dining without the light being too harsh. I love this fixture! I chose it because it has a sense of modernity while still remaining luxurious. It is perfect for the dining area.

The ghost chair is used in multiple rooms in the club. The chair is the perfect medium of modern and tradition. The style and shape of the chair is traditional. On the other hand, the chairs are made of acrylic which makes the chair more contemporary. These qualities make the chair ideal for the dining area.

Just like the ghost chairs, the tulip table is also very modern. The crisp white color and the trumpet base make for a contemporary look. Although, the circular tables would not work against the wall of booths I found a easy solution. On the website Loewenstein you can match bases and tops. I chose the trumpet base and a laminate top which comes in the white color.

Here is the base:

 Here is the table top:


(Shown in black, but will be white)

Feel free to share your thoughts! Feedback is appreciated!



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  2. I really like the lighting fixtures, the drum lights are really cool and work well with the design. Nice modern and luxury look !