Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Inspiration

I was looking for some FF&E for my project when I came across this fabric:

The fabric has inspired me to base my color palette for the entry of the clubhouse from its colors. The soft, very natural feeling colors will provide a sense of comfort and calmness when the members enter the club.

  SW 7040 Smokehouse

SW 6197 Aloof Gray
SW 7031 Mega Greige

  SW 6206 Oyster Bay

Since the color palette is somewhat traditional, I wanted to mix it up in a modern way with some unique lighting. Here is what I am thinking...


These modern globe pendants could be grouped together at different heights creating a beautiful chandelier. With my concept being "A Modern Tradition" I think this lighting idea paired with the more traditional color palette would be a perfect match!


  1. I love the colors...so warm and rich all at the same time. Great choices Stephanie!

  2. I love that first pendant!! Where did you find it?!

    1. Brittany, it is actually from Urban Electric! I thought it was so cute!

  3. Stephanie, You will want to make sure that you are developing identities for all of your spaces - things can get rather monotonous. Additionally, these spaces are richly detailed so you will need to find LOTS of supporting textiles, furnishings, and accessories. -- jw