Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kitchen Design

Kitchens play such an important part in so many families home across the United States. Every family has a kitchen that fits their specific needs and wants. Some focus on the seating area if they tend to entertain more where others may focus on the type of appliances if they are cooks. Whatever the focus design plays a key role in achieving the clients needs. Here some photos of some unique kitchens:

This kitchen is more of a contemporary kitchen with a sense of warmth. The chocolate tile and horizontal structures along the back wall make for a warm feeling. 

This kitchen looks fit for a family. With a large table and island there is plenty of space for family.

This looks like a bachelor's kitchen. Very modern and simple with not a lot of focus on the appliances.

This is also a smaller kitchen with a ton of room for storage. The white walls and wood cabinets make is feel crisp and inviting.


  1. In the second image the island has four doors that open to wine storage. I like! a lot! :)

  2. Love the color palette you've chosen. It's fresh and new but, allows a sense of tradition!