Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little bit of LOVE never hurt anyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!... Even though it is a little late! When you think of Valentine's Day what do you think of?? Love? Flowers? Balloons? Pink? You may think of all of the above. With Valentine's Day being this past week, it inspired me to relate it to design. I found some unique designs that may look theme related, but some are just fun and cute and veryyyy PINK! 

The above photo (my guess) is either a themed lobby or a restaurant. The neon pink walls and the circular floor pattern create a whimsical feel to the space.

This room screams "Valentines and Love"!! Heart shaped furniture and accessories create this fun space.

Hello Kitty makes an appearance in this little girl's room. Hearts and different shades of pink create a fun and flirty girly room.

Pink, as shown previously may appear girly or fun. However, in this office, pink accents create a sophisticated upscale take on an ordinary office.

This last photo is of a homey living room. The bright couch and chairs are the focal point in the room. Also, the softness of everything else and the white walls make the room look vibrant and fun.

The occurring theme here is the color pink! Pink can be very versatile and used in many different instances. Those photos were just a few examples. Add a little hint of love in your next project and it will make that much of a difference! I hope everyone enjoyed their valentine's day as much as I did! 


  1. The first picture is from the "G Hotel" in Galway Ireland..I've been there it is fabulous! For your next post, I'd love to see more about "The G"

  2. It looks fabulous in the picture, I bet it really is in real life! I will definitely do my next post on the "G Hotel" Thanks!!