Saturday, January 29, 2011

Restaurant Designs

There are restaurants all around the world that are known for their unique designs. The way the restaurant is designed is a big part of getting people to come and eat at the restaurant. It is also a way of getting the guests to keep returning again and again. If the design is unique enough, the customers will want to come back not only for the food but also for the environment!

Last spring break I was in New York and I ate at a very unique restaurant. The design of the restaurant captivated me and I can still remember the design pretty well. The name of the restaurant is Rouge Tomate, it was recommended to us by the hotel concierge. The restaurant was fairly new and it was known for creating delicious meals while still remaining healthy. There was no butter or fat used to cook the food. Everything was organic and healthy. The restaurant was a complete shock from the food to the design. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was breath-taking!

Here is a photo so you can get an idea of how the design looked:

Here are some other photos of unique restaurant designs:

I thought these were extraordinary restaurants! What do you think of these eateries? What are the restaurants you eat at? Do they have a distinct design?


  1. The aquarium restaurant is awesome. I would be so distracted while eating though. I think its so interesting how much designers can influence the atmosphere of a restaurant.

  2. Haha it would distract me too! But I think it is one of my favorites!